Nucleon -

A screenshot of the server application.
Operating System
The Nucleon runs a modified version of
I use a modified version of Windows XP as the operating system.  This is a slimmed down version of Windows XP Professional, with the EWF (Enhanced Write Filter) and Minlogon components from from Windows XP Embedded.

I was considering using a Linux distribution, but then decided on Windows because I was already familiar with it and I could use Visual Basic.

Installing the OS
Because Windows is approximately 1.5 GB, and my CF card was 1GB, I first installed Windows on a 40GB hard drive.  After slimming the installation down, installing all devices, and installing Service Pack 2, I copied EWF and Minlogon.

EWF, or Enhanced Write Filter, protects flash memory from excessive writes.  It creates a memory overlay that is reset each time the computer is restarted.  Minlogon improves the startup time.

When I was finished, the final OS size was around 600MB.

A screenshot of the client application. 
Server/Controller Software
The control software for both the server (robot) and client(controlling computer) is written in Visual Basic 6.  The software allows for two way audio, video, and voice synthesis text chat.

The communication connection is a 802.11g ad-hoc WiFi link.  To connect, you just logon on to the Nucleon network, and then run the client software.  I had considered using a data radio for the communications, but the cost for a suitable model was rather high.

Control of the Nucleon is through the keyboard or joystick (or other compatible game controller.)

The server display gives a brief overview of the Nucleon, and logs all activity. 

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